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all year to enliven your world.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

What Christmas Means to Me

15 merry thoughts

The brisk, quiet, star-lit nights
With people on the go
The hustle and bustle of shopping
While praying for it to snow

Decorating the tree and the house
A Nativity Scene on the lawn under the sky
Angels placed all around it
For all to see, who come by

Baking cookies and other treats
Addressing cards to send to friends
It can be busy and hectic
But you hope it will never end

Everyone is usually happy
With smiles all around
People greet others cheerfully
It is such a joyous sound

Children are filled with anticipation
Wondering what gifts they might get
Parents hide these treasured packages
So the children won’t see them yet

Many parties are held
Where people get together for fun
They talk about how exhausted they’ll be
Once the season is done

People go off their diets
And eat much more than they should
It’s difficult to pass up the food
Because all of it is so good

People start getting serious
As the special day draws near
Carolers sing wonderful songs
They are a joy to hear

The special day known as Christmas
Is the anniversary of Jesus’ birth
It’s a day that is held most holy
All around the earth

As we gather in churches on Christmas
Remember to thank God above
For sending His Son to redeem us
And filling our hearts with love

By Beverley Lawyer