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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Christmas Connection #9

How are you doing so far this season in getting things planned and organized? Let us know the good and the bad. The good will encourage others; the bad will help us plan assignments geared toward your goals and needs.

By planning your season step by step, you'll be happy and singing Christmas carols in your head instead of worrying that you'll forget something, or that you'll do something too late. Christmas will again be a time of wonder and joy!

Will you be including Christmas photos of your family with your cards? Do you take annual photos so you can show how big the kids have gotten or how much weight you lost? Plan now! What will you wear? Who will take the photo? Fancy studios are nice, but photos you take yourself are just as pleasant. If going to a studio get it scheduled today. If doing the photo yourself, check the batteries and get the family together this week to get the photo done so you have time to get the photo printed, purchase frames, etc., for mailing and gifts.

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