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Monday, October 26, 2009

A Star Still Shines

The Glenn Mohr Chorale released a Christmas CD recently. The title is "A Star Still Shines." The CD is aptly named for the chorus shines with Christmas carol favorites and newly loved songs. The lyrics -- my favorite is Christmas in Heaven -- are beautifully written and the choir is brightly talented.

A new site, The Glenn Mohr Chorale, was launched this week and links to Youtube and Facebook are available. You can get a catch an wonderful earful of the music on the site too. If you're on Facebook, befriend the Chorale for updates.

(Updated 11/11/09.)


Glenn Mohr said...

Many thanks for the wonderful review, Storm!

Merry Christmas,

The Glenn Mohr Chorale

ricky said...

wonderful piece of work mate..a nice read i must say
merry christmas