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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Top Ten Favorite Things About Christmas 2009

  1. My children still believe in Santa Claus.
  2. The gifts my children pick out for me from the school's Santa Shoppe or when I take them to the dollar store.
  3. The surprises.
  4. The happiness and laughter of my children as they open their gifts.
  5. The help from agencies so I am able to buy gifts for my children.
  6. The time spent with friends.
  7. Our annual Open House.
  8. I got 42 trees up and decorated. Whoo hoo!
  9. The annual baking of dozens of cookies. This year a new friend helped us bake.
  10. The fuzzy feeling I get when giving gifts to my friends.

Join Amanda, our hostess, and others as we list our Top Ten lists.


personalized christmas stockings said...

These are all the same with my family too. My children's also believe in Santa and it is the best par. To make Christmas more joyful you should believe in Santa.

Artificial Christmas Trees said...

I have to say the time spent with friends (and family) is second only to the sound of my own Children opening thier gifts.

Great post, here's to xmas 2010.