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Monday, April 7, 2008

25 Things for Children to Do for Christmas

This is a great way to countdown to Christmas and form cherished memories with the children.

December 1 -- Make a red and green sign that says, "Happy Holidays," and leave it in your car. Whenever you're stopped at a stoplight, hold up the sign so people in the cars around you will see your greeting.

December 2 -- Pick a person from your list. Make a cheerful card and leave it in his or her mailbox or on his or her desk. Don't tell whom it is from.

December 3 -- All day long, pick up trash and debris wherever you see it. Put it in the trash can, making your world a more beautiful place.

December 4 -- Play a game with your brother, sister, cousin, or friend. Let him/her pick the game and win.

December 5 -- Help your parents address Christmas cards. For cards going to people you know, add your own note of cheer.

December 6 -- Help a neighbor with an outdoor task (putting up decorations, shoveling snow, raking the leaves, or trimming the bushes).

December 7 -- What is your best subject in school? Pick a student who has difficulty with that subject, then help the person with homework.

December 8 -- Clean up your room without being asked.

December 9 -- Pick another person from your list. Give him or her a special treat today (cookie, candy cane, or handmade ornament).

December 10 -- Write a note to your mail carrier thanking him or her for the good job done all year. Clip the note to the mailbox.

December 11 -- Feed the outdoor wildlife; birds, squirrels, or other animals that lives during the winter in your area.

December 12 -- Show up at a friends or relatives house and offer to help with chores for an hour.

December 13 -- With help from an adult, make treats to take to school. Give the treats to your teacher and let him/her decide when its appropriate to share them.

December 14 -- Call someone when you know he or she isn't home and sing a holiday song to the answering machine.

December 15 -- Pick someone else from your list. Make an ornament, small wreath, or other Christmas decoration and leave it on a desk, porch, or wherever he/she will find it.

December 16 -- Write a special card for your teacher, telling her or him, at least, one very specific thing you really appreciate.

December 17 -- Write a thank-you note to someone in your school or church whose
work often goes unnoticed, such as the custodian, secretary, Sunday school teacher, or volunteer.

December 18 -- Pick someone from your list. Make a Christmas card or picture for that person, telling something you really like about him or her.

December 19 -- Have you hurt someone s feelings this past year? Call, visit, or write to say you are sorry, then wish him/her a Merry Christmas.

December 20 -- Choose a person from your list for whom you make or buy a small, inexpensive, and unexpected gift.

December 21 -- Look for someone who is having a bad day, then tell that person something good about himself/herself. Make the individual feel good.

December 22 -- Surprise Mom with cleaning kitchen after helping her make cookies.

December 23 -- Select a Christmas movie or story and share with the family.

December 24 -- Make a list of five things you like about each of your parents, brothers, and sisters. Share the list with them.

December 25 -- Take a tray of cookies or other homemade goodies to your local fire station &/or police station to say thank you to those that protect your community.

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