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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Scrappin' - 4/13/08

This week's question:
What's your least favorite project that you've done lately, and why?

My answer:Cleaning the house, as a whole, is my least favorite project. By the time I finish the house, its time to start over again. Ugh.

Ta Da's:

  • I did get the house undecorated for Easter and some party decorations up for Cameron's party today.
  • All the decor and extras for the porch were taken out of the garage and put out on the porch.
  • The children finished cleaning out all of their toys and even more toys were generously donated.
  • The party for Cameron, although small, was a success... despite not having enough money to provide snacks, etc., for the guests.

To Do's:
Re-organize the Christmas decor since the weatherization company that was here rearranged everything without my permission since I didn't get it done this past week.

I do this meme here at 365 Days of Christmas blog because each week I try to accomplish, at least, one Christmas chore, craft, etc.

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