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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Tinsel, bead, or novelty garlands add so much to the charm and appearance of your Christmas tree. It looks great and it's easy to do.

Wire 4 to 6 strands of garland together at one end and attach this end to the top of the tree. Separate the strands and spiral each strand down the tree. Space the strands evenly down the tree.

Double Spiral
Use twice as many strands and spiral half clockwise and the balance counter-clockwise. Colors may be alternated.

Begin at the back of the tree on the bottom. Tie the garland to a tip, then swag the garland gracefully from tip to tip using 12 inch to 20 inch swags depending upon the width of your tree. Let the swag fall freely. Continue around the tree. Either cut and secure the garland or swag up to the next layer on the back of the tree so that each row appears level. On the next row the high point of your swag should be centered directly and uniformly over the low point of the previous row. The swags should become small as you go up the tree. The more uniform the swag the more formal the look.

Start at the top of the tree with 3 to 5 strands of garland or ribbon and let each streamer fall freely to give a vertical symmetry to the tree. To soften the look, streamers may be twisted and tucked lightly into the tree as they fall down the branches.

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