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Monday, September 22, 2008

The ABC's Of Christmas

A - Add More, Angel
B - Bows
C - Candles
D - Decorations
E - Encourage Each Other
F - Finds (like the great sale at the store) or Fillers or Friends
G - Garland, Go Go Go (during the busy-ness of the season)
H - Holly, Ho Ho Ho
I - Icicles
J - Jesus
K - Kris Kringle
L - Love of Christmas
M - Mistletoe, Merry Christmas
N - Noel, Nativity
O - Overabundance, Open House, Ornaments
P - (Be) Prepared, Poinsettias
Q - Quantity (fill the tree as much as possible with ornaments)
R - Rest (after a job well done)
S - Star, Santa
T - Tasting, Trees
U - Under the Tree
V - Velvet Bows
W - White Christmas
X - X is for Christ
Y - Yule
Z - Zzzzzz (on Christmas night)

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