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Monday, September 22, 2008

Christmas Flowers and Decorations This Season

Christmas Flowers and Decorations - What to Look for in Flowers, Wreaths and Garlands This Season

Thinking about a plain pine wreath or skimpy garland with some little red bows? Think again. Plain is definitely taboo. “This year, floral fashion is all about rich textures, new accent colors, and lots of detail,” says Don Phillip of Phillip’s Flowers in Chicago. “It’s about stretching the boundaries of traditional themes by layering on fresh new perspectives and a touch of personal flair. It’s about luxury, ornamentation, and opulence. It’s about more, not less.” So, let yourself go. You can turn “ordinary” into “extraordinary” with the right materials, colors, and accessories.

Go to Florists Supplies Guide for all the "ins" of this Christmas season.


Paula said...

I love the rich red colours that Christmas flowers bear and I have ordered some from Bunches.co.uk ready for this year's festivities. Bunches have some beautiful arrangements available and the flowers bring me much pleasure.

Storm said...

I love the deep and beautiful reds of the Christmas season. Please share photos of your flowers.