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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Get Organized Now for Christmas - Day 10 - Shopping Budget

Do you have a place where you keep the gifts you purchase all throughout the year? If you do, I bet you have items in there that are not assigned to anyone yet. I know I do. If this is the case with you, do what I do -- shop from within my home. What exactly does this mean? Before you purchase items at the store, evaluate all the items in your gift closet to see if there is someone on your gift list you can give that gift to. This will save you a trip out to the store, reduces the amount of items in your gift closet, and saves you money.

The sooner you mail packages the less money you will have to pay because you can use the longer shipping method.

Shop using the Internet, catalogs, &/or TV. In today's world you can buy everything from groceries to Christmas trees, from greenery to gifts via these methods. Shop early to avoid having to pay expedited shipping charges. Be sure to search out coupons, deals of the day, and sales to make your shopping dollar go even further.

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