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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Get Organized Now for Christmas - Day 3 - Create Christmas Organization Notebook

A Christmas Organization Notebook is a necessary item so you have a blue print of your holiday plans, goals, and dreams all together at your fingertips.

A Christmas Organization Notebook can be whatever kind of notebook you would prefer. Ideas include index card file box, recipe file box, file box w/ folders, magazine holder w/ folders, 3-ring binder, "old-fashioned school" notebook, composition book, or a portfolio. I like a 3-ring binder because I can easily add papers and items as needed.

Your Christmas Notebook is the backbone of your organization for the holiday season.

It is highly recommend that you use both your computer and a three ring binder to create your notebook. Use the computer to sort through your ideas, lists, etc., and then print them out and put the pages into your binder.

Everyone's notebook will be different because everyone has their own traditions and celebrations during the holiday season. What I share is based on using a 3-ring binder because that is what I use. Use what works for you.

Things needed for your notebook:
3-ring binder
3 hole punch
Dividers with tabs
Pockets/page protectors/envelopes for loose items such as receipts
Notebook paper
Zippered pouch/page protector to hold pens, pencils and other loose items Calendar

Label the dividers. Your list may look like this. Make the dividers to fit your needs.
  • Gifts - gift lists
  • Cards - annual card mailing list, copy of cards sent each year
  • Decorations - blue prints of each room so you can plan where to put each tree
  • Calendar - mark parties planning on attending, schedule baking and crafting times
  • Menu - what are you cooking for Thanksgiving, what snacks will you have for the annual Open House
  • Kids Activities
  • Shopping Lists
  • Inventory - where are all the decorations stored

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