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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Christmas Connection #3

You should at least by now, have something to keep track of your thoughts and ideas. A notebook, a binder, a composition book, whatever suits YOU. If not get one this week because you need a place to keep track of everything!

This week start getting all those summer photos of vacations and pool time downloaded and off your digital camera to free up the memory for the upcoming school dances, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving feasts, and, of course, Christmas activities and Christmas day. If you are using a 35mm camera then start buying rolls of film.

Continue to work on your gift list for ideas, etc. Work on your list of the things you are going to make and the people you are planning on making things for. If you are making things, start your planning process to decide what to do. At minimum, begin to look through your idea books and notes to see what you want to do.

Work on a list of activities you want to do or that the kids cherish. Just write the list down for now... seeing Santa at the mall, Christmas caroling, baking, donating to charity, etc.

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