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Monday, March 30, 2009

The House on Christmas Street Giveaway

Thanks to the generosity of Judy Pancoast 365 Days of Christmas is hosting a giveaway.

Judy is the artist, composer, and performer of the holiday hit "The House on Christmas Street" (previously reviewed here at 365 Days of Christmas). Judy is a three-time winner of the Children's Music Web "Best Song for Young Children Award."

Judy is offering the CD "The House on Christmas Street" to one of my 365 Days of Christmas readers.

To be entered into a drawing for this CD, please leave a comment about your most memorable Christmas gift (either good or bad).

This contest closes Monday, April 13, 2009. On Tuesday, I will announce the winner.

To get more information about Judy, check out:
1-877-JUDY FUN


mamanvera said...

When I was 9, I was shopping with my Mom. We were in a jewelry store,
and I spotted a "Martha Washington"
watch. I could not take my eyes off of it.I never saw my Mom motion to the sales girl to rap it up.I never said a word to my Mom about the watch, so you can imagine my surprise Christmas morning.I have never forgotten that watch or how much my Mom must have loved me to know how much I wanted that watch.We were 12 kids,
so to this dy I don't know how she paid for it.

Renee said...

My most memorable christmas gift was from my boyfriend (no husband of 11 years). I had just moved into my first apartment and he made some mental notes of things I needed. On Christmas, he presented me with this basket of gifts. Two of the most memorable items are the toaster and pillows. How thoughtful and he even made a "gift basket"... even thought it didn't have bows and wasn't wrapped and I don't eat toast and already had pillows. It was the thought that counted.

Anonymous said...

My most memorable present had to be a shortwave radio that I received 5 Christmases ago. Thanks to the radio, I'm able to keep up with the world and the cultures thereof!

Storm said...

Thanks for sharing your memories. Good luck on winning!

Teresa said...

There are a couple gifts that stand out in my mind but I will pick the year I got my Jeep for my Christmas present. As I was growing up we always had a Jeep my dad raced them, I learned how to drive it first, and we always went for Sunday family rides in it for ice cream.
This one Christmas was a very sad one because my grandfather told us at Thanksgiving that he was going to go have some test done on his heart and it ended up he had surgery and died. That Christmas I got a letter and in it was a note that my mom wrote me. It said that my grandfather, my dad, and brother were building me a Jeep for Christmas. I was so happy and sad all at the same time that I was crying for joy and for my grandfather. I still have it but its not running right now.
All and all it was a gift I will never forget and I loved my jeep and everyone that thought enough of me to make it for me.

Judy Pancoast said...

My favorite Christmas present was a white vanity with a stool that I received when I was six. It had all these cool compartments for brushes and make-up and stuff. I came downstairs on Christmas morning and found it in the living room.
Even though I'm not eligible for the contest (It's my CD!) I just thought I'd share that!
Can't wait to see who wins!

Storm said...

Thanks, everyone, for entering.

Hi, Judy. Its so nice of you to stop by and leave a comment.