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Thursday, April 2, 2009

12 Days of Kid's Christmas Crafts

Make your very own Christmas tree to display on your holiday table.

Styrofoam cone
Green felt
Goldenrod or yellow felt
Assorted small craft items in assorted colors
3 stems of red glittery chenille
1 stem red skinny chenille
1 stem white skinny chenille
Hot glue gun with adult supervision or Elmer's glue

Lay Styrofoam cone on top of felt. Roll up to cover, trim excess, leaving ½” overlap at the bottom of the cone. Glue felt all around the cone. Cut slits in the felt overlap at the bottom, every couple of inches. Glue overlapping flaps to the bottom of the cone.

Add garland by gluing red glittery chenille stems around the cone.

Glue craft jewels, buttons, sequins, etc., to the tree as ornaments.

Twist together red and white skinny chenille stems. Cut in to 1” lengths. Bend top of each length to form a candy cane, glue candy canes to the garland on the tree.

Cut out a star from felt and glue to the top of the tree.


  • Styrofoam cones are available in various sizes at your local craft supply store or discount stores.
  • Change the color of the felt to a lighter green or even white for a different twist, or pick a different color of chenille for the garland.

Adapted by craft found at Kaboose.com.

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