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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Christmas Connection #4

This week's assignment is to make your card list, including friends, family, colleagues, children's friends, church family, teachers, children's classmates, online groups, mailman, hair dresser, etc. Complete your list as completely as you can.

If creating your own cards, determine how many you need (see above) and what date you want to have all your cards mailed. Remember that cards going overseas need to go 1 to 2 weeks earlier to arrive in time for Christmas. Divide how cards needed by how many weeks are left (depending on your own personal due date). For example, if mailing on December 3rd and its now the beginning of October, you have 8 weeks to create your cards, so each week you should be creating 25 cards if mailing 200 cards total. That means each day you should create 3-4 cards.

Use the same formula above to determine how many cards need addressed and stamped each day.


Teresa said...

I got this done, for now anyways.

Storm said...

You have all your cards done already for this year?! Kudos!