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Sunday, April 26, 2009

12 Days of Kid's Christmas Crafts #11

Puzzle Wreath

Old puzzle pieces
green paint
Glue gun or Elmer's glue
Red and green sequins, optional
Picture, optional

Using a paper plate or plastic container lid as the work surface to give yourself a guideline. Make a rectangle on the "bottom layer." Pieces will just be placed there. It is the next layer that holds everything in place. Add a drop of glue on one side of two neighboring puzzle pieces, then place a new puzzle piece on top to cement the bond. This is what holds the wreath together.

Glue top layer of puzzle pieces to bottom layer so that they form a wreath that can be picked up.

Paint all the puzzle pieces green.

Add green and red sequins.

Add a picture to the back of the frame.

A nice finishing touch is a little ribbon. If you want to hang it from your tree, use a longer ribbon.

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