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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Christmas Connection

Instead of waiting until fall to get started, let's get started early this year. Just imagine how organized you will be, how much more can be done, how relaxed you will fill when Christmas time gets here.

These challenges are posted help us get ready for Christmas (or whatever holiday(s) you celebrate). We will be planning, getting presents picked out, gifts made, cards made, tags made, things to help you get ready for that fun, special day.

Your First Assignment
Get a notebook/binder. You can alter it, if you wish. You might want to find something you can use for dividers too. This notebook will fill up fast so find something that will hold enough paper to write all your stuff down. Go find a special pen just for this notebook.

Make your dividers. Your list may look like this. Make the dividers to fit YOUR needs.

Gifts - include bought and handmade
Cards - store bought or hand made
Tags & wrapping stuff - buying or making
Decorations - how are you going to decorate
Parties - attending or planning
Baking - buying or making
Shopping List
Inventory - where are all the decorations stored

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