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Monday, June 8, 2009

ABCs of Christmas

A is for the Animals who shared the stable
B is for the Babe with their manger for cradle.
C is for the Carols so blithe and gay.
D is for December, the twenty-fifth day.
E is for the Eve when we're all so excited.
F is for the Fun when the tree's at last lighted.
G is for Goose which you all know is fat.
H is the Holly you stick in your hat.
I is for the Ivy that clings to the wall.
J is for Jesus, the cause of it all.
K is for the Kindness begot by this feast.
L is for the Light shining way in the East.
M is for the Mistletoe, all green and white.
N is for the Noels we sing Christmas night.
O is for the Oxen, the first to adore Him.
P is for the Presents the Wise Men laid before Him.
Q is for the Quiet of the holy Eve as God's greatest blessing we all did receive.
R is for the Reindeer leaping over the roofs.
S is for the Stockings that Santa Claus stuffs.
T is for the Toys, the Tinsel, the Tree.
U is for Us - the whole family.
V is for Visitors bringing us cheer.
W is Welcome to the happy New Year.
X, Y, Z bother me.
So now to you all, wherever you be, a merry merry Christmas, and many may you see!

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