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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Unify the Decorations on Your Tree

Create a truly unique tree by adding special decorating touches.

Choose a Christmas Tree Theme
Spark your creativity with a color or style theme. For instance, a silver theme can use silver ribbons, silver ornaments, and garlands of silver beads. Choose the decorations according to the theme. An elegant theme would use velvet, satin, sparkles, and beads. A country theme would make use of raffia, cookie cutter ornaments, popcorn and cranberry garlands, and wooden toys. Add clumps of dried herbs to a kitchen tree for a wonderful scent in the room.

Too Much is a Good Thing
You can never really have too many decorations on the tree. If they're evenly spaced and carefully selected, the more the better.

Add Natural Materials
Use colorful ribbons to tie together clusters of dried flowers or small twigs. Place them between branches where some fill is needed. Use wire to attach the clusters to the branches.

Use Silk Flowers for Color
Trim blossoms off stems of silk flowers and lay them on the branches of your Christmas tree for a formal look. Choose blossoms in shades of the colors of your theme or choose all white for a snowy effect. Place the flowers evenly around the tree on the inside and outside of branches.

Add Sparkle With Metallic Spray
Preserved leaves, pinecones, and seed pods can be embellished with metallic spray paint &/or a sprinkling of glitter. Add just a touch for a subtle look or cover completely for a more formal effect.

Ribbon Streamers
Instead of a garland, attach holiday colored ribbons or long strands of raffia to the top branches of the tree. Wind them down and around the branches to the bottom of the tree.

A Crowning Glory for Your Tree
Every traditional Christmas tree is topped by a star or angel. If you have a family heirloom, use it even if it doesn't "match" your tree decorating theme. Traditions are an important part of Christmas and what more suitable place would there be for an heirloom than the tip of your Christmas tree?


Laura said...

I agree about putting to much on can look bad. Less but better arranged can be much more pleasing to the eye.

Storm said...

Thanks, Laura, for visiting. Please come back again soon.