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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Don't Go Broke for Christmas

Inexpensive Resources So You Don't Go Broke for Christmas

Haha, remember that old song, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, – well, I wonder if the spirit of ol’ Bing would update that to 'I’ll be broke for Christmas.' Hey, I’m not complaining because I know a lot of people out there are in the same spot. This year has really sucked in the financial department. I think we feel it more around Christmas time because we want to be generous this time of year. We want to splurge and shower our friends and loved ones with wonderful gifts, delicious things to eat, delightful toys, great fun, dashing parties, and merriment – the whole ball of wax. But alas…what’s a Christmas time junkie to do when she’s short on cash?

Well, I don’t know if it will help but I’ll give you my own version of Christmas on the cheap. Here’s what I do (in no particular order):

1. I comb the thrift shops, discount stores, consignment stores, library sales, dollar stores, and clearance shelves.

2. I check the grocery store flyer's for whatever is on sale.  For example, if roast beef is less than $2 a pound, well then, that’s my Christmas meal.

3. I use my old Christmas cards to make collages, framed art decor, boxes, gift tags, etc.

4. I go for walks and collect pine cones, sticks (for primitive tree), greenery and put them in baskets and vases around the house to help give it that Christmas look.

5. I handmake many of my gifts (bake brownies & cookies, create gifts in a jar, scrapbook pages/albums, & scrapbook jewelry, cards, ornaments, etc.) for the mailman, mechanic, teachers (when my kids were in public school), neighbors, the local fire station, the local police station, the local senior citizen center, etc.

6. I invite friends for a potluck movie marathon. Four friends each bring a dish of some sort, add three movies, hot cocoa, and you’ve got a party.

7. I drive around the neighborhood at night and admire the Christmas lights and displays.

8. If I’m exchanging gifts with friends, we set a limit, like $5 and we stick to it. You can find some great inexpensive gifts that people will cherish:  fuzzy Christmas socks, nice pen set, note cards,

9. A hand-written letter listing what you admire most about the person is an awesome gift.

10. I’ve also been known to give coupons for 3 hours of pet sitting or kid sitting, a home-cooked meal, an afternoon of shoveling snow, 3 hours of cleaning, or an afternoon of driving so they can go shopping and do errands.

I take whatever talents or resources I have available and I turn them into the most Christmas-y thing I can think of . . . and you know what, it works.


Carrie said...

Great ideas, very useful in these economic times! I've been posting about my thrift store finds on my blogs.

Teresa said...

Great Christmas gift list. :)