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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WOW Tours - The Christmas Village

Let's kick of the Christmas season with a bang.  Today I am hosting a giveaway.

Today I'm the hostess for the WOW (Women On Writing) Tours.  A group of women bloggers each host a day this week to introduce you to author Melissa Goodwin.

I'm so excited to share with you . . .

Please let me introduce to you:  Melissa Ann Goodwin.

Her Bio: 
Melissa is a native New Englander, now living in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband, artist J. Richard Secor.  She has written extensively for Fun for Kidz, Boys’ Quest, and Hopscotch for Girls.  She was a regular feature article contributor to the Caregiver's Home Companion for more than five years.  Her work has appeared in Guideposts’ Angels on Earth, Caregivers’ Home Companion, Caring Today, The Lutheran Digest, The Peak Magazine, The Andover Townsman, and the Martha’s Vineyard Gazette.  The Christmas Village is her first novel.

I was lucky enough to receive a signed copy of The Christmas Village yesterday.  I was up part of the night reading this great book.

About The Christmas Village:

"When Jamie Reynolds comes to his grandparents' Vermont home for Christmas, he just wants things to go back to the way they were before his dad disappeared.  Time and again he is drawn to Grandma's miniature Christmas village, where he imagines that life is perfect.  Late one night, the village comes to life before his eyes, and his fantasy of escaping into it becomes very read indeed.  Jamie discovers that the village is called Canterbury, where the year is 1932.  He becomes fast friends with Kelly and Christopher Pennysworth, and is taken in by Ida, who runs the local boarding house.  But he also makes a dangerous enemy of the mysterious and menacing Jim Gordon, whose return to town is nothing but trouble.  As Jamie desperately races against time to find his way back home, he is suddenly faces with a terrifying choice:  to go ahead with his plan to leave, or to stay and help his friends, at the risk of never going home again."

The book is an easy read and full of fun adventures.  It is a wonderful story about Jamie and his imagination.  
The book keeps you fully entertained as the mystery of Canterbury and Jim unfolds.  Melissa's writing style is fresh and vivid.

My rating (1, lowest; 5, highest): 5

Join the fun and come along on the adventure of The Christmas Village.

For more information on Melissa and her fabulous book, check out these resources:

Melissa's blog, Writer Yogini.
The book has it's own blog, The Christmas Village Book.
The book's Facebook page.
The author's Twitter page.
If you can't wait to read The Christmas Village, click here to purchase the book now.

Now onto the giveaway . . .

Leave a comment (about the book, about the blog, about Christmas) this week and I'll announce the winner on Sunday, November 27th.  Only four days left to enter the giveaway to receive a copy of The Christmas Village.


Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

Hi Storm
Thanks so much for hosting me here at your blog. I am so pleased that you liked the book! I hope your friends and followers will check it out, and I look forward to hearing what they have to say. Have a lovely day!

margaret said...

Cool blog.

Will check out the book. It sounds good.

Brenda Christmas said...

I was looking for a blogger who loves Christmas as much as I do, and I found you! Merry Christmas!