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Friday, November 25, 2011

Easy Homemade Gifts to Make for Christmas

We certainly love to receive gifts but there is more joy from giving gifts. This, unfortunately, can turn into an expensive venture as our list of recipients continues to grow and the prices continue to creep higher. A fantastic way to give Christmas gifts is to make them yourself. This is not only a great cost-saving way to give, it also adds a personal touch to your gifts and is a terrific bonding activity for the whole family. Get your creative juices flowing with these great homemade Christmas gift ideas:

Box of Homemade Christmas Ornaments
This is a great gift idea for anyone as it can be personalized to suit ages and personal interests. You will need a box of plain round Christmas ball ornaments. For a sports fan family, you can paint the ornament to look like a soccer ball, a basketball, a baseball, and so on. You can also paint on personalized season greetings or names. Another idea is to put colorful beads, metallic shreds/tinsel, a feather (to represent an angel), paint (then swirl ornament around to get good coverage), or small toys inside. More ideas include placing a small photo or flower insides.

Box of International Teas (or Coffee)
This is a great way for your family and friends to experience different tastes of the world. Invest in a number of different boxes of tea from different places in the world. Many types of tea can be found at your local supermarket or mass merchandise store, for example, green tea from China, masala tea from India, black tea from Kenya, Earl grey tea from the UK, etc. For more specialized tea, you can find great deals online, especially if you buy in bulk. Then pack them in pretty plastic bags, simple baskets, or mugs. Remember to  include a card explaining the different types of tea and where they are from.

Box of Homemade Treats
Roll up your sleeves and get your hands sticky making homemade fudge, cupcakes, truffles, mini loaves of bread, brownies, candy, &/or cookies. These are fun to make, fun to decorate, and fun to eat. Get out the tried and true family recipes to use. 

Personalized Wrapping
Get creative with your wrapping too. Many options include pretty but inexpensive plates, mugs, disposable foil pans, colorful plastic wrap, and Christmas patterned Ziploc bags.

Written by Nisha Sharma from Freebies365.co.uk and Storm Litz.


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Brenda Christmas said...

I've been making double-decker peanut butter fudge for close to 25 years, and I taught my daughter to make peanut brittle. Her chocolate covered peanut brittle is unbelievably delicious! Her dad has already told her that he wants some again for Christmas this year!

jessica said...

Really nice Idea for home made Gifts for Christmas.

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alif said...

Those are great gift ideas to give people on my list. Being in college, I am on a VERY tight budget. I definitely love things that help me save as much money as possible. Nowadays it seems like everything is getting so much more expensive. Thanks for the tips, and have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Susan Shay said...

Wow. Great blog! Just what I needed to help me get in the CHRISTmas spirit.
thank you!

Luxury Christmas Decorations said...

Really great ideas for Christmas gifts I have found here.I will try Box of Homemade Treats on this Christmas.

Storm said...

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Benita Wheeler said...

i love receiving a handmade gift. it is such a personal touch because the love that came with it.

Xavier Alexander said...

thanks for sharing lovely tips , i will make my own homemade gifts on this Christmas. Merry Christmas