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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Personalized Christmas Gifts

With the festive period fast approaching, the spectre of what gifts to buy family and friends is upon us, and with topping last year’s purchases and buying for those that seem to own everything already, the task is becoming more difficult every year. Tailored Christmas presents are one way to get round this conundrum.

·      An old favourite is simply to make something from scratch. This method is particularly nice when the present comes from a child.  The gift actually means something and will more than likely adorn the wall or mantelpiece of a loved one for years to come.

·      Personalised mugs, hats, t-shirts, etc. are a great way to make what is usually a pretty standard Christmas gift into a more enduring and meaningful offering. The process for arranging this sort of present is fairly easy and can be done in most cases simply by sending off a relevant photo. The end result will belie the actual effort put in!

·      If you want to really make a point with a personalized Christmas gift why not go for a private license plate? For a new motorist or a seasoned driver with a new car, a personalized plate would be a perfect gift.

·       A photo frame of the digital variety is a great modern take on a classic heartfelt present. By loading up the frame with snaps of friends and family, before wrapping up for Christmas morning, you can take the hassle out of the technology for a loved one and give them a gift that will always be fresh.

·      Lastly, everybody likes to let themselves 'go' over the Christmas period, so giving the gift of chocolate is always a winner. We all know about the selection box on Christmas morning but a more refined cocoa present, with a personalised message, from a good chocolatier is a great way to give a custom gift.

Written by Daniel Nicklin on behalf of Search Laboratory Ltd. and Storm Litz.

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