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Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas - Day 15

This tree is a 4 ft slim tree titled Through the Keyhole of Our Lives that holds ornaments all made from scrapbook supplies, papers, and embellishments. This tree was done in honor of my family and has photographs of all the deceased members of my family.


Carrie said...

Interesting concept for a theme. This year I have the study decorated with my 1 year old collection of snowman ornaments and figurines, in honor of my brother who died April 2006. His last Christmas card (Dec. 2005)had snowmen on the design.
I don't have a tree for the ornaments but just set them around on shelves.

Storm said...

Since I am a big scrapbooker, I thought it was only appropriate to have a tree that honors my family and my love of scrapbooking. Having a collection in honor of your brother is a great idea.