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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas - Day 17

This small tree -- Friendship Frenzy -- may only be two feet but it is one of my favorites because each ornament holds a special meaning to me.

Star-shaped Gingerbread Cookie - The cookie reminds me of my love of gingerbread and the friendships of my online group, 12 Months of Christmas.

Santa - Santa reminds me of my belief in the Christmas spirit. It also reminds me to help others.

Jeweled Cross - The cross reminds me of the true meaning of Christmas: Jesus is the reason for this blessed season.

Pickle - The pickle reminds me of my German ancestry. It also reminds me of my son, Cameron (his nickname is Pickle).

Glass Heart - The heart is a reminder of my love for my friends.

Glass Blue Teardrop - The teardrop reminds of my favorite color and the love of crafting.

Flag/Red Ball - This ornament reminds me of my love of my country -- Good Ol' USA -- and my military history.

Crocheted Angel - The angel reminds of all the people and friends who were supportive during my bout of cancer.

This tree stays up all year long. (The angels get packed away after the Christmas season. Usually there are various photographs of my children
surrounding the tree.)


Carrie said...

How very personal...a great memory tree.

Storm said...

I love this concept. Thanks for compliment.