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Monday, December 15, 2008

State Santas

There are State Quarters and State Bears, why not State Santas? These are terrific pieces of glass from Slavic Treasures, a company that always thinks outside the box and is not afraid to offer nontraditional pieces, especially evidenced by their free-blown glass designs.

When I look at the state ornaments, all sorts of ideas pop in to my head. I'd love to do a wreath of States I lived in. Perhaps add these to a vacation-themed tree, buying a Santa from the different places that bring back fond memories. Each Santa figure is a montage of landmarks and items typical of the state, including the name and outline of the State. Think -- for New York, there is a Statue of Liberty, Florida has oranges, and my own state, Pennsylvania, has a deer and Benjamin Franklin.

To see the State Santa ornaments and lots more unique glass ornaments go to Slavic Treasures. You can read the history of the company and about the creator Glenn Lewis.

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