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Monday, November 3, 2008

Get Organized Now for Christmas - Day 14 - More Gift Giving

Are you someone who likes to give a little something to everyone? Maybe just a loaf of homemade bread or a jar of jelly.

In your notebook, make a page for homemade gifts, whether it is a plate of cookies, homemade cinnamon ornament, a craft you make, a homemade Christmas card or other small gifts. Under each gift write the names from your gift list that you want to give this special homemade gift to. If you know you want to give 20 people homemade jelly but only have 10 jelly jars you can put the word out to friends that you need 10 jars or be on the watch for them at yard sales.

Homemade Gifts

There are many Internet sites and cookbooks with recipes for homemade mixes/dry mixes to make everything from bean soups to bread mixes to hot chocolate. Put in a jar, fabric gift bag, or cellophane bag.

Craft Gifts

There are 10os of Internet sites and craft books with step by step instructions on how to make ornaments with the kids help.

Give of Yourself this Christmas

Do you have someone on your list who could use a night of baby sitting, a ride to the grocery store, snow shoveled, or other gifts of time? Many people today would love to have something like this.

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