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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Get Organized Now for Christmas - Day 22 - Involve the Whole Family

Ask each person in your household questions about Christmas, such as:
What is your favorite Christmas food?
What is your favorite Christmas activity?
What is your favorite Christmas song?
What is your favorite Christmas memory?

When you compile the answers, it will give you ideas about what is important to those closest to you. You might just be surprised at what makes the holidays special to those around you. With this information you might want change some things. For example, if it is important to the children to have a movie night as a family activity and not go ice skating, save the money and rent a Christmas movie and enjoy the evening together as a family.

By asking the above questions you can create a Christmas celebration around things everyone in the family enjoys and not just what you think they want to do.

What can your family help you with? Have the kids help make the Christmas goodies with you -- will they be perfect -- no, is that OK -- yes. Have the teenagers help with running errands. Have your husband help with wrapping gifts. This is one way to help reduce your Christmas stress . . . just let go and involve your family.

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