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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Get Organized Now for Christmas - Day 19 - Baking

One of my favorite things to do every year is to bake things for other people and to have baked treats at home.

Many cookie doughs, cakes, pies and candies can be made ahead and frozen. Even if you do not want to freeze some items you can mix up the dry ingredients ahead of time and they will be ready for you to mix with the wet ingredients and bake. There are definite time savers that you can put into action for your holiday baking with just a little planning.

It is important to plan. What items do you want to give? Narrow it down to one or two items for person/family to help make baking your gifts a little easier. What type of packaging will you use? How do you plan to deliver the gifts? Add your notes and ideas to your notebook.

When do you plan to deliver/mail your baked gifts? Mark your calendars now.

Plan a day or two to do all of your baking. Schedule an extra day or two in case of scheduling conflicts.

An idea:
Think about organizing a day devoted to this task and involve your family and friends followed with a dinner from the crockpot and a few "samples" from your baking gifts for dessert.

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